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Amona Buechler


  • Meditation
  • Spirituality
  • Creativity
  • Inner relationship Focusing
  • Bodywork
  • NVC
  • Feldenkrais


Amona has been offering courses, workshops, and sessions online & offline since 1998. She is a Certified Focusing Trainer/Coordinator in Training and a Certified Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer. Of German origin, she lived in Chicago 1998-2015, traveled the world until 2021, and now lives in Germa

What services do I offer?

I offer Focusing Skills Certificate Level 1-5 Online (and live) courses in English as well as in Chinese for Taiwanese and Chinese students. I also offer Focusing Professional Training in English. In the German language, I co-facilitate retreats with my sister, combining Focusing with Authentic Movement.

My curiosity and explorations include:
- How does Focusing lead to steps of action?
- How to learn/teach listening from one's (embodied) whole self?
- How to let insights from the Polyvagal Theory inform our quality (inner) listening?
- How to combine Focusing with non-violent communication, so that the expression of our needs and wishes arise from a felt sense basis?
- The significance of inviting a larger whole in the Focusing process.

My background in Focusing

I have been Focusing since 2014.
After an introduction to Focusing as part of a course called "Working with People", I immediately caught fire. A year later, I repeated the course, which also included energy reading, and assisted the same course in 2018.

In the first years, after reading "Focusing" by Gene Gendlin, I primarily Focused by myself as I continuously traveled through various time zones and found this to be the most suitable format. However, over the past years, I have tremendously appreciated regular Focusing partnerships and peer support.
I am a certified Focusing Trainer/Professional and Focusing Coordinator in Training.

Before I started Focusing, I had a 15-year foundation of daily meditation and regular Feldenkrais practice, both approaches in which the inner inquiry takes place alone. I find the interaction during Focusing to be a precious addition. Focusing tremendously enhances my life, and I wish to share this practice and teach Focusing skills to as many people as possible.


- 7-day Focusing and energy reading course, attended and assisted several times
- Focusing Level 1-5 Certification/Certificate in Focusing Skills (Fiona Parr BFA), levels 1 and 2 assisted multiple times
- Focusing Practitioner/Certified Focusing Professional (Fiona Parr BFA and Beth Mahler TIFI)
- Focusing Teacher (Fiona Parr BFA and Beth Mahler TIFI )
- Certified Focusing Trainer/Professional with the International Focusing Institute (TIFI)
- Focusing Coordinator in Training
and many more gatherings and workshops...

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Phone
  • Online

Supporting mentor

I am passionate about supporting anyone through the ups and downs while learning to offer Focusing professionally. If there is a stuck place, we can find creative ways together for letting it become a jumping board for further growth. And whenever it's a smooth journey I am there just to offer an interested, welcoming listening presence or to answer any of your curiosities. A nice way to get in contact is the free 15-minute chat. I can then make more detailed suggestions of what I could offer as a Supporting Mentor, and I would be curious to get a sense for what you are interested in.

  • I offer a free 15-minute chat to support trainees in finding their Supporting Mentor

Prices: My regular 1-hour session rates are 70 Euro, but I am flexible depending on your budget.

My availability: Any time


A Focusing session with Amona can be nothing short of a revelation. She sits with you, gently guiding the inner process of listening. What she offers, in essence, is a safe holding, a non-judgmental witnessing that allows you to trust your own experiences, thoughts, and feelings to the relief of bodily tension and psychological stress. Focusing allows for a greater self-assurance– a confidence that you are the expert of your own body and mind.

Amona is a brilliant teacher, in so many ways. I first met her when she was offering a brief workshop for the Focusing Institute. My experience of her in that initial workshop was profound and moving and I knew that I finally had a teacher for learning more deeply about Focusing. ... Here classes were characterized by her unique way of listening – deeply and thoroughly, with a clear desire to truly understand what was being asked or said. I also really appreciated how every difficulty, discomfort, not-quite-rightness, whether in the focusing partnership process, or in the class as a whole, was treated as an opportunity for further exploration and learning...

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